Amber Gets Framed And Hardcore Fucked

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Title: Amber Gets Framed And Hardcore Fucked
Description: Jenner works at the mall foodcourt during the day and does security at night. When he and his friend see this superhot chick walk by, they decide to frame her and bust her for littering. So they confront her in the stairway, posing as police officers and search her body, finding a bag of weed and a pipe. They tell her that she's being arrested and take her to a fictitious jailhouse, roughing her up a bit and treating her like a criminal. She's then strip searched and given an anal cavity search. Since Amber is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid being thrown in the slammer, she does the smart thing and drops to her knees for some serious cock sucking. Watch this ski pole slut stroke and deepthroat both cocks at once, losing her breath in the process. She then gets hardcore double teamed on the desk, with each of her holes getting stuffed. This helpless teen girl doesn't know what hit it and before it's all over, she's swallowed a double shot of baby batter.
Tags: Teen, Anal Sex, Facial Cumshots, Blowjobs, Ass To Mouth, Hardcore, Fingering
Added: 1665 days ago
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