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Title: Flex Sex
Description: JR wants to know what kind of "freaky shit" flexible Somaya Lynn can do. He's got plans for her, like splitting her pussy lips apart with his meat-bar. Laying back on the bed that she will soon be rammed on, Somaya proudly puts both ankles behind her neck. She takes off her top to expose her pierced nipples, one of the sure signs of an oversexed cockteaser. Another little sign is the back of her panties that reads BOY CRAZY when she removes her skirt. JR has her peel them off and orders her back on the bed to twist herself into that pretzel pose again. "No guy's ever fucked you in that position?" he asks Somaya. His little grey cells are working overtime. He hands her a vibrator to insert into her tight pussy. This will help open herself up for the beef injection he is going to cram into her. JR wants to see even more hot porny poses and has her try some interesting moves on the floor. Yup, this girl is fit for fucking. Somaya is super-flexible. She must be a gymnast. These talents will prove handy in a few minutes when he starts drilling the hell out of this hot little number's pink and sweet cunt. Get ready to see some nasty-ass plowing.
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